Join the Positivity Revolution

Your well-being impacts your life, your work, and your community. Imagine a workplace that enables you to be your best self every day. It’s possible.

The benefits of high employee well-being are impressive. Positivity matters! Compared to colleagues with low well-being, employees with high well-being:

  • Deliver 31% higher productivity1
  • Demonstrate 3 times higher creativity on the job2
  • Are ten times more engaged by their jobs1
  • Are 40% more likely to receive a promotion within a year1
  • Generate 37% greater sales figures1
  • Are three times more satisfied with their jobs2

1Positive Intelligence (from the January/February 2012 Harvard Business Review) by Shawn Achor
2 The Economics of Wellbeing by Tom Rath & Jim Harter

According to the Harvard Business Review‘s January/February 2012 issue, well-being on the job has more to do with the frequency of positive workplace experiences – your moment-to-moment interactions with co-workers, your on-going projects, your daily contributions, etc. – than stable conditions like a high salary or prestigious title.

The great news is that you can create those positive workplace experiences, yourself. Wherever you work, whatever your role, you have the power to create positivity at work.

For example, there are a LOT of good things that happen in the workplace daily. We’re just not attuned to it – in fact, we’re more likely to be attuned to catching people doing things wrong. So, consciously change your approach. Here’s a suggestion from tweet number 56 from #POSITIVITY AT WORK, which says:

Providing praise doesn’t take a lot of time; just minutes. And that time investment is tremendously beneficial to creating a positive workplace.

People know when they do good work. Praising them for it validates their good efforts even more deeply in them. And, their peers notice when praisings are offered – it makes them work more diligently, as well.

Read through another actionable tweet (number 82) from the book (below). Giving of yourself helps strengthen your network with your colleagues – and builds trust, which increases well-being, too.

Start TODAY. You don’t need your boss’s permission or a massive organizational initiative to enhance your wellness– you can simply refine your day-to-day thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to embrace what is good about your work, your colleagues, and your life.

Lisa Zigarmi and S. Chris Edmonds‘ book, #POSITIVITY AT WORK tweet, outlines five elements of well-being in the workplace and provides concise, actionable suggestions for creating greater happiness in your work environment.

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